John Muir Center
Phone: (209) 946-2527
Location: WPC 99

Director: W. R. Swagerty

Program Description

John Muir Center (established in 1989) serves as a liaison between Pacific and the community on environmental issues. This internship is designed to accommodate a broad variety of interests in experiential learning, from library and museum work, to placement with local, state, and federal agencies that focus on environmental policy, research, and education.

John Muir Center Courses

MUIR 187. Internship. 1-4 Units.

Supervised experiential learning opportunity (ELO) in (a) library/museum research and operations on a subject connected with John Muir's life or legacy; (b) field work or office setting within an environmental organization; federal, state, or local environmental agency; or educational work through an environmental institute or institution, to be contracted on an individual basis. Prerequisites: sophomore standing and permission of the supervisor. (ENST)

MUIR 189. Undergraduate Practicum. 1-4 Units.