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Pediatric Dentistry (PD)

Course Descriptions

Predoctoral Courses

PD 146. Preclinical Pediatric Dentistry. 1 Unit.

This simulation lab-based course introduces first-year IDS students to the technical aspects of preparing and restoring primary teeth and preparation of a space maintenance appliance. (2 hours lecture, approximately 6 hours lab/clinic. IDS Quarter 3.).

PD 240. Pediatric Dentistry. 2 Units.

The study of the physical and psychological development of the child; understanding and prevention of dental disease in children; differential diagnosis and treatment of dental and periodontal diseases and abnormalities in children; and modern concepts of behavioral guidance in children. (20 hours lecture. Quarters 5-6.).

PD 346. Dental Auxiliary Utilization. 1-2 Units.

Rationale and system of procedures for sit-down, four-handed dental practice, including ergonomically correct practice and work-related injury prevention. (84 hours clinic in conjunction with Clinical Pediatric Dentistry. Quarters 7-10.).

PD 347. Clinical Pediatric Dentistry. 1 or 4 Unit.

Study of the diagnosis, treatment planning, and comprehensive preventive and restorative dental treatment for children. (84 hours clinic in conjunction with Dental Auxiliary Utilization. Quarters 7-10.).