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Conservatory of Music
Phone: (209) 946-2415
Location: Stockton Campus Faye Spanos Concert Hall

Peter Witte, Dean

Programs Offered

Master of Arts in Music Therapy

The Conservatory of Music offers graduate degrees in music education and music therapy: Master of Music and Master of Arts in Music Therapy. Additionally, the Master of Education (with an emphasis in music education) is available through the Gladys L. Benerd School of Education.  The Conservatory of Music graduate programs give students individual faculty attention and opportunities to work with experts in their field. 

Graduate students in the Conservatory of Music take a range of coursework designed to enhance their musicianship and research skills. They develop advanced skills in music therapy, conducting, pedagogy, or other areas of music specialization depending on individual career goals.

Music education degrees are designed for those with a previous degree/credential in music; in general, the Master of Music includes more coursework in music, while the Master of Education includes more education courses. Applicants who have not attained a music education degree/teaching credential previously are expected to complete the credential program as part of earning their graduate degree. Building on previous music and teaching experiences, the education programs are individualized and lead to a creative, productive career in teaching music, pre-K through college. 

The Master of Arts in Music Therapy offers a choice of two tracks of study (research and clinical) that support (1) preparation for eventual entry into teaching and research careers or (2) development of advanced clinical, administrative, and program development skills. 

Comprehensive Examination

At the conclusion of the Master’s programs, all students are expected to pass a comprehensive written and/or oral examination/thesis defense on all work covered during their graduate study at University of the Pacific.

Admission Requirements

Admission to any graduate program in music at University of the Pacific is based upon both academic qualifications and musicianship, including overt musical behavior as demonstrated in performance and listening. Academic considerations for the entering Master’s student, regardless of major, are discussed in earlier pages of this catalog under Admission.

Music Therapy Majors 

  1. Music Audition (live or DVD recording):
    • Candidates should prepare two contrasting pieces on their principal instrument/voice.
    • Sing two pieces from a traditional or contemporary musical repertoire with self-accompaniment on piano and guitar (proficiency on both piano and guitar is an important consideration for potential candidates). For these pieces, candidates may use sheet music or a lead sheet. 
    • Sing one American folk song from memory a capella.
  2. A Bachelor's degree in music or related fields. 
  3. Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better.
  4. Online application form through the Graduate School.
  5. 3 letters of recommendation.
  6. General GRE scores (GRE is not required for applicants with GPA of 3.5 or higher.)
  7. Official Transcripts
  8. Statement of intent
  9. Resume