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Music Education

Musician and Educational Leadership

  1. Apply advanced musical skills in a variety of performance and educational settings, such as lessons, rehearsals and concerts, as an instrumentalist, vocalist, and/or conductor
  2. Incorporate advanced music theory and music history knowledge into educational settings
  3. Demonstrate musical leadership and professionalism
  4. Demonstrate advanced performance and/or pedagogical techniques across a range of instrument/vocal settings.

Music Education Theory/Philosophy

  1. Apply comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of the foundations and principles of music education practice
  2. Articulate and defend a personal philosophy, approach and/or theory to music education
  3. Identify areas of common practice and philosophy between music education, music therapy, and other educational areas of study.


  1. Articulate the value and the techniques of various research methodologies in music 
  2. Perform a literature review on a musical topic of interest
  3. Demonstrate understanding of ethical principles for research, such as principles for protection of human participants and assessment of risk and benefit
  4. Conduct and present research in music education, to classmates and/or professional organizations.