Jazz Studies (Honors)

Bachelor of Music (Jazz Studies, Honors)

The Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, Honors degree, is a highly selective program that allows a small number of exceptional students to prepare for a career in jazz performance while pursuing a university degree. Students in this program continue to expand their advanced performance and improvisational skills, while following courses in jazz, general music studies, and general education. 

Students selected for the Honors jazz program will be chosen through a juried performance panel and provided written examinations to assess advanced placement in one or more music fields.  

Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies Honors

Students must complete a minimum of 120 units with a Pacific cumulative and program grade point average of 2.0 in order to earn the Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies (Honors).

II. Major Requirements

Major Area
8 semesters of at least 16 units and up to 32 units of MAPM:
MAPM 021Applied Music2-4
or MAPM 031 Applied Music
or MAPM 041 Applied Music
MAPM 022Applied Music2-4
or MAPM 032 Applied Music
or MAPM 042 Applied Music
MAPM 023Applied Music2-4
or MAPM 033 Applied Music
or MAPM 043 Applied Music
MAPM 024Applied Music2-4
or MAPM 034 Applied Music
or MAPM 044 Applied Music
MAPM 125Applied Music2-4
or MAPM 135 Applied Music
or MAPM 145 Applied Music
MAPM 129Applied Music and Recital I2-4
or MAPM 136 Applied Music and Recital I
or MAPM 146 Applied Music and Recital I
MAPM 127Applied Music2-4
or MAPM 137 Applied Music
or MAPM 147 Applied Music
MAPM 138Applied Music and Recital II2-4
or MAPM 148 Applied Music and Recital II
Eight units and eight semesters of the following, based on placement auditions:8
Concert Band
Ensemble Performance
University Chorus
18 units of MUJZ 150:
MUJZ 150Honors Jazz Seminar3
MUJZ 010Jazz Piano I1
MUJZ 011Jazz Piano II1
MUJZ 110Jazz Arranging and Composition3
MUJZ 111Jazz Composition for the Large Ensemble3
MUJZ 130Advanced Improvisation2
MUJZ 131Advanced Improvisation II2
MUJZ 140Jazz Pedagogy2
Supportive Courses in Music
MCOM 032Music Theory I3
MCOM 042Musicianship I1
MCOM 033Music Theory II3
MCOM 043Musicianship II1
MPER 054Dean's Seminar1
MHIS 011Survey of Music History I3
MHIS 012Survey of Music History II3
MUJZ 158Advanced History of Jazz3
or MHIS 158 Advanced History of Jazz
Music Electives2

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognize, identify, and demonstrate analytical and performance facility in major jazz idioms.
  2. Integrate theoretical understanding harmony, melody, form, structure, and chord/scale relationships with performance and fluency in the jazz language.
  3. Create original compositions and develop experience arranging original and standard literature for small groups and big bands.
  4. Incorporate knowledge of jazz history and literature, as well as the cultural sources and influences of jazz into analysis, composition/arranging, and performance.