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Units of Credit

One unit of credit is awarded for ten hours of lecture or seminar, twenty hours of laboratory or clinic, or thirty hours of independent study per term. In the predoctoral programs (DDS and IDS), students are assigned to comprehensive care clinics for approximately 500 hours during the second year and 1,000 hours during the third, in addition to specialty clinic rotations. Units of credit are assigned in the comprehensive care clinical disciplines in proportion to the amount of time students spend providing specific types of care for assigned patterns.

Full-time enrollment in the predoctoral programs at the School of Dentistry (DDS and IDS) is defined as 16 or more units per term.  Full-time enrollment in the graduate residency programs in orthodontics and endodontics is defined as 20 or more units per term.  For the graduate certificate programs in Advanced Education in General Dentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, full-time enrollment is defined as 16 or more units per term.

Personalized Instructional Program

Beginning with the DDS class of 2020 and IDS class of 2019, successful completion of a Personalized Instructional Program (PIP) is required for graduation. This is reflected on the transcript as a stand-alone course (SL 999) with comments indicating customized detail. Unit values will vary based upon contact hours.

Pacific’s orthodontics residency program, instituted in 1971, is fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, and is recognized for educational eligibility by the American Board of Orthodontics. The program’s courses prepare the resident to provide excellent treatment based on contemporary biologic orthodontic principles.

Faculty members foster the humanistic atmosphere with informal professional relationships and mutual respect with the residents. Clinical instruction and practice are conducted in the orthodontic clinic.

Residents treat an entire range of orthodontic problems during seven half-day clinics per week including instruction in general orthodontics, mixed dentition treatment, surgical orthodontics, mini-implants, and Invisalign. Adult patients constitute about one-fourth of a resident’s case load. Each resident starts approximately 50 new patients and is transferred approximately 60-80 existing patients. Fixed appliance treatment employs the edgewise technique although instruction permits a wide latitude of clinical variation based on patient needs and faculty supervision.

Each resident engages in an investigative project and must complete an acceptable thesis to qualify for the Master of Science in Dentistry degree.

Residents are scheduled for didactic and clinical instruction five full days per week and full participation is required. While there is no prohibition of weekend private dental practice, residents’ commitments during the program seriously limit this opportunity.

More information on the program, including admissions requirements, curriculum and schedule, graduation and certification requirements is available here.

A graduate of an advanced specialty education program in orthodontics is competent to:

  • Treat all types of malocclusion, whether in the permanent or transitional dentitions
  • Coordinate and document detailed interdisciplinary treatment plans which may include care from other providers, such as restorative dentists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons or other dental specialists
  • Treat and manage developing dentofacial problems which can be minimized by appropriate timely intervention
  • Use dentofacial orthopedics in the treatment of patients when appropriate
  • Treat and manage major dentofacial abnormalities and coordinate care with oral and maxillofacial surgeons and other healthcare providers
  • Provide all phases of orthodontic treatment including initiation, completion and retention
  • Manage patients with functional occlusal and temporomandibular disorders
  • Treat or manage the orthodontic aspects of patients with moderate and advanced periodontal problems
  • Develop and document treatment plans using sound principles of appliance design and biomechanics
  • Obtain and create long term files of quality images of patients using techniques of photography, radiology and cephalometrics, including computer techniques when appropriate
  • Use dental materials knowledgeably in the fabrication and placement of fixed and removable appliances
  • Develop and maintain a system of long-term treatment records as a foundation for understanding and planning treatment and retention procedures
  • Practice orthodontics in full compliance with accepted Standards of ethical behavior
  • Practice Evidence based Orthodontics - critically evaluate the literature and other information pertaining to this field
  • Have understanding of the following supporting knowledge:
  • Biostatistics
  • History of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  • Jurisprudence
  • Oral Physiology
  • Pain and Anxiety Control
  • Pediatrics
  • Periodontics
  • Pharmacology
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Psychological Aspects of Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedic Treatment
  • Public Health Aspects of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  • Speech Pathology and Therapy
  • Practice Management
  • The variety of recognized techniques used in contemporary orthodontic practice

In regard to Master Thesis:

  • Initiate and complete a research project to include critical review of the literature, development of a hypothesis and the design, statistical analysis and interpretation of data
  • Research expertise under the guidance of a faculty member and thesis committee, culminating in a thesis and its defense

Please note: Courses are taught on a permanent or interim (continuing) basis. Course numbers followed by the letter 'I' indicate interim courses which are taught over two or more quarters. Units assigned to interim courses build upon each preceding quarter's unit value and culminate in a final and permanent unit value. The final unit value is transcripted with the permanent course.

Year 1
Summer Quarter (1)Didactic UnitsLab/Clinic Units
OR 400Craniofacial Biology Genetics10
OR 401ICephalometrics20
OR 404IResearch Practicum and Thesis I10
OR 410IBiomechanics10
OR 414IIntroduction to Contemporary Orthodontics20
OR 421ICurrent Literature Seminar I10
OR 422Anatomy10
OR 423IComprehensive Case Analysis Seminar I10
OR 424ITreatment Planning Seminar I10
OR 426IPrinciples of Orthodontic Technique02
OR 430ISurgical-Orthodontic Treatment10
OR 431IOrthognathic Surgery Seminar I10
OR 432IMultidisciplinary Seminar I10
OR 434Introduction to Invisalign10
OR 456IClinical Orthodontics I08
OR 457IMixed Dentition Orthodontics I02
OR 458ISurgical Orthodontics I01
OR 459IClinical Orthodontics in Craniofacial Anomalies01
Autumn Quarter (2)Didactic UnitsLab/Clinic Units
OR 401Cephalometrics40
OR 403ICritical Thinking10
OR 404IResearch Practicum and Thesis I20
OR 410IBiomechanics30
OR 411ICraniofacial Biology Genetics - Genetics in Orthodontics10
OR 414IIntroduction to Contemporary Orthodontics30
OR 421ICurrent Literature Seminar I20
OR 423IComprehensive Case Analysis Seminar I20
OR 424ITreatment Planning Seminar I20
OR 426Principles of Orthodontic Technique05
OR 430ISurgical-Orthodontic Treatment30
OR 431IOrthognathic Surgery Seminar I20
OR 432IMultidisciplinary Seminar I20
OR 440IImaging in Orthodontics, TMJ Airway Consideration20
OR 441IOrthodontic Treatment of Craniofacial Anomolies10
OR 456IClinical Orthodontics I015
OR 457IMixed Dentition Orthodontics I04
OR 458ISurgical Orthodontics I01
OR 459IClinical Orthodontics in Craniofacial Anomalies01
Winter Quarter (3)Didactic UnitsLab/Clinic Units
OR 402IFacial Growth20
OR 403ICritical Thinking20
OR 404IResearch Practicum and Thesis I30
OR 410IBiomechanics50
OR 411Craniofacial Biology Genetics - Genetics in Orthodontics20
OR 414IIntroduction to Contemporary Orthodontics40
OR 421ICurrent Literature Seminar I30
OR 423IComprehensive Case Analysis Seminar I30
OR 424ITreatment Planning Seminar I30
OR 430ISurgical-Orthodontic Treatment50
OR 431IOrthognathic Surgery Seminar I30
OR 432IMultidisciplinary Seminar I30
OR 440Imaging in Orthodontics, TMJ Airway Consideration40
OR 441IOrthodontic Treatment of Craniofacial Anomolies20
OR 456IClinical Orthodontics I023
OR 457IMixed Dentition Orthodontics I06
OR 458ISurgical Orthodontics I01
OR 459IClinical Orthodontics in Craniofacial Anomalies01
Spring Quarter (4)Didactic UnitsLab/Clinic Units
OR 402Facial Growth40
OR 403Critical Thinking - Research Design30
OR 404Research Practicum and Thesis I40
OR 410Biomechanics70
OR 412Cleft Lip Palate/Craniofacial Anomalies - Orofacial Clefts and Abnormal Craniofacial Development20
OR 414Introduction to Contemporary Orthodontics50
OR 420Bone Biology10
OR 421Current Literature Seminar I40
OR 423Comprehensive Case Analysis Seminar I40
OR 424Treatment Planning Seminar I40
OR 430Surgical-Orthodontic Treatment60
OR 431Orthognathic Surgery Seminar I40
OR 432Multidisciplinary Seminar I40
OR 433Retention Seminar I10
OR 441Orthodontic Treatment of Craniofacial Anomolies30
OR 456Clinical Orthodontics I030
OR 457Mixed Dentition Orthodontics I08
OR 458Surgical Orthodontics I02
OR 459Clinical Orthodontics in Craniofacial Anomalies I02
Year 2
Summer Quarter (5)Didactic UnitsLab/Clinic Units
OR 501IPrinciples of Orthodontics20
OR 502IMicroimplant Bone Biology I20
OR 503IResearch Design I10
OR 504IResearch Practicum and Thesis II10
OR 510IPeriodontic-Orthodontic Relations30
OR 521ICurrent Literature Seminar II10
OR 523IComprehensive Case Analysis Seminar II10
OR 524ITreatment Planning Seminar II10
OR 531IOrthognathic Surgery Seminar II10
OR 532IMultidisciplinary Seminar II10
OR 556IClinical Orthodontics II010
OR 557IMixed Dentition Orthodontics II02
OR 558ISurgical Orthodontics II01
OR 559IClinical Orthodontics in Craniofacial Anomalies II01
Autumn Quarter (6)Didactic UnitsLab/Clinic Units
OR 501IPrinciples of Orthodontics40
OR 502Microimplant I40
OR 503IResearch Design I20
OR 504IResearch Practicum and Thesis II30
OR 510Periodontic-Orthodontic Relations60
OR 521ICurrent Literature Seminar II20
OR 523IComprehensive Case Analysis Seminar II20
OR 524ITreatment Planning Seminar II10
OR 531IOrthognathic Surgery Seminar II20
OR 532IMultidisciplinary Seminar II20
OR 556IClinical Orthodontics II019
OR 557IMixed Dentition Orthodontics II04
OR 558ISurgical Orthodontics II01
OR 559IClinical Orthodontics in Craniofacial Anomalies II01
Winter Quarter (7)Didactic UnitsLab/Clinic Units
OR 501IPrinciples of Orthodontics60
OR 503IResearch Design I30
OR 504IResearch Practicum and Thesis II40
OR 511IPractice Management I20
OR 512Preparation for Specialty Examination10
OR 514Temporomandibular Joint Disorders10
OR 521ICurrent Literature Seminar II30
OR 523IComprehensive Case Analysis Seminar II30
OR 524ITreatment Planning Seminar II20
OR 531IOrthognathic Surgery Seminar II30
OR 532IMultidisciplinary Seminar II30
OR 556IClinical Orthodontics II030
OR 557IMixed Dentition Orthodontics II06
OR 558ISurgical Orthodontics II02
OR 559IClinical Orthodontics in Craniofacial Anomalies II02
Spring Quarter (8)Didactic UnitsLab/Clinic Units
OR 501Principles of Orthodontics80
OR 503Research Design I40
OR 504Research Practicum and Thesis II50
OR 511Practice Management I40
OR 521Current Literature Seminar II40
OR 523Comprehensive Case Analysis Seminar II40
OR 524Treatment Planning Seminar II20
OR 531Orthognathic Surgery Seminar II40
OR 532Multidisciplinary Seminar II40
OR 533Retention Seminar II10
OR 556Clinical Orthodontics II038
OR 557Mixed Dentition Orthodontics II08
OR 558Surgical Orthodontics II03
OR 559Clinical Orthodontics in Craniofacial Anomalies II03
Year 3
Summer Quarter (9)Didactic UnitsLab/Clinic Units
OR 602Microimplant II10
OR 603Research Design II10
OR 604Research Practicum and Thesis III60
OR 611Practice Management II20
OR 612Ethics10
OR 613Orthodontics Speaker Series20
OR 621Current Literature Seminar III10
OR 623Comprehensive Case Analysis Seminar III10
OR 624Treatment Planning Seminar III10
OR 631Orthognathic Surgery Seminar III10
OR 632Multidisciplinary Seminar III10
OR 656Clinical Orthodontics III09
OR 657Mixed Dentition Orthodontics III02
OR 658Surgical Orthodontics III01
OR 659Clinical Orthodontics in Craniofacial Anomalies III01