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Certificate in Teaching, Innovation, and Design

  • Evaluate existing innovations to develop an applied project that designs new innovations for education and social sectors.
  • Utilize design thinking tools to create lessons that apply appropriate learning principles.
  • Create systems for multiple modality learning.

Certificate in Learning, Innovation, and Design

  • Develop Core Knowledge of Principles of Learning
  • Create Innovative Learning Environments
  • Develop Engaging and Relevant Instructional Delivery
  • Utilize Technology to Improve Collaboration, Personalization, and Interaction
  • Design Learning Models that Promote Creativity & Measure Impact

Certificate in Leadership in Health Education

  • Apply evidence-based strategies to innovate educational practice at your institution and in health sciences education in general.
  • Create plans for innovative learning environment implementation.
  • Identify leadership strengths and develop a plan that will help you determine which leadership approaches to use in various situations and to build upon those strengths moving forward.
  • Develop a program evaluation proposal that is grounded in best practices and implement it using data collection tools and analyze the results.

Certificate in Leadership for Social Impact

  • Evaluate and critique the institutions and social barriers that retain and reinforce inequality
  • Develop frameworks to critique and dismantle positions of power and privilege that create and maintain social impact issues
  • Examine how globalization can simultaneously reinforce and undermine individual and group identity
  • Reflect on your role as a leader in supporting and/or disrupting social impact.
  • Create a vision for change in an area of interest and your commitment to that change