SAC LL.M. in Transnational Business Practice

Program Requirements 

Admitted students will undertake an individually tailored sequence of courses to fulfill the 24-unit program requirement.

  • 24 units of study
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.33 on a 4.33 scale


  • Three required courses:
    • (1) a substantive course: Transnational Litigation or International Business Transactions;
    • (2) LLM Legal Writing, Research, and Analysis; and
    • (3) Legal English for those trained in law outside of the United States, which is tailored to introduce students to common law courts, sources, legal reasoning, techniques of legal research and writing.
  • The remaining course units can be customized to meet your individual career goals. See below for the list of electives.

Note that you have the option to complete an externship for credit with an international law firm, or to engage in advanced scholarship by pursuing a Master's Thesis or Directed Research Project.

Required Courses
LAW 699MLegal English1
LAW 980LLM Legal Research, Writing and Analysis2
Choose one of the following courses:
LAW 625International Business Transactions3
LAW 635Transnational Litigation3
Electives 1
LAW 110Contracts4
LAW 151Business Associations4
LAW 257Making Deals2
LAW 260Commercial Law3
LAW 255Federal Securities Regulations3
LAW 261Sales of Goods3
LAW 265Copyright Law2-3
LAW 266Patent Law3
LAW 275Survey of Intellectual Property Law3
LAW 280U.S. Antitrust and International Competition Law2
LAW 285Trademark Law2
LAW 300Federal Income Taxation3
LAW 310Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships3
LAW 375U.S. Taxation of International Transactions3
LAW 433Employment Law3
LAW 515Conflict of Laws3
LAW 526Mediation2-3
LAW 550Immigration Law and Policy3
LAW 600Public International Law3
LAW 608International and Foreign Legal Research1-2
LAW 625International Business Transactions3
LAW 630International Banking2
LAW 631International Negotiations2
LAW 647International Economic Law2
LAW 689International Commercial and Investment Arbitration3
LAW 802Negotiation and Settlements Seminar2 or 3
LAW 989Master's Thesis6
LAW 991Directed Research, Graduate Level1-2
LAW 225Bankruptcy2-3
LAW 220Banking Law3
LAW 240Insurance Law2-3
LAW 290Computer and Internet Law2-3
LAW 297Sports Law2-3
LAW 410White Collar Crime2
LAW 528Online Dispute Resolution1
LAW 650European Union Law1-3
LAW 675U.S. & International Sale of Goods2
LAW 680International Intellectual Property1-3
LAW 688Internship12
LAW 690Special Topics- International1-3
LAW 690BHot Topics in European and International Company Law1
LAW 694International Dispute Resolution1
LAW 699RThe Law of Art, International Commerce and Cultural Heritage1
LAW 705Introduction to Space Law1
LAW 826Negotiating Disputes Into Deals1
LAW 865Immigration Clinic1-3
Candidates may also be permitted to enroll in other elective courses relevant to transnational business practice not listed above. See the full schedule. Note: Not all electives listed above are offered in every academic year. 1