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This is an archived copy of the 2020-21 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit

Tuition and Fees

The University of the Pacific is an independent institution. Each student is charged tuition that covers about three-fourths of the cost of services furnished by the University. The balance of these costs is met by income from endowment and by gifts from regents, parents, alumni, and other friends who are interested in the type of education this institution provides.

Overall Costs for the School Year

The annual expenses for a student at the University of the Pacific depends upon a variety of factors.  Tuition and fees are the same for students regardless of their state or country of residence. Basic expenses are as follows:

Type Cost
Tuition (1) per academic year, enrolled in 12 to 18 units in each semester $50,370
Wellness Center $330
ASUOP Student Fee $274
Activity & Recreation Fee $120
Room and Board $13,740
Total per academic year $64,834
School of Pharmacy Annual Tuition (Eleven-month program, three terms) $79,920

There are other fees and charges unique to certain programs. These fees or charges may be determined by contacting Student Accounts or the University office that administers those programs or activities in which the student intends to enroll or engage.

Expenses for books and supplies, special fees, and personal expenses usually average approximately $4,014 annually.

The University reserves the right to change fees, modify its services or change its programs at any time and without prior notice.

Tuition – Undergraduate Students (per semester)

All schools except Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Type Cost
Full-time (12 to 18 units) $25,185
Part-time (.5 to 11.5 units) per unit $1,738
Excess units above 18 units, per unit $1,738
Engineering Co-op (full-time) Admitted prior to Fall 2016 tuition rate $12,592
Engineering Co-op (full-time) Admitted Fall 2016 tuition rate $6,297

Tuition – School of Pharmacy (per term)

Type Cost
Full-time (12 to 20 units) $26,640
Part-time (.5 to 11.5 units) per unit $1,836
Excess units above 20 units, per unit $1,836
Pharmacy Clerkship Rotation (full-time) $26,640
Pharmacy Technology Fee $330
Pharmacy Professional Fee (1) $325
Physical Therapy Fee $150

Tuition – Graduate Students (per semester)

Type Cost
All schools (16 to 18 units) plus applicable fees $24,452
All schools (.5 to 15.5 units) per unit, plus applicable fees $1,528
Excess units above 18 units, per unit $1,528
Physical Therapy (12 to 18 units), plus applicable fees (Fall, Spring, Summer Terms) $24,334
Physical Therapy (1 to 11.5 units) $1,520

General Fees (per semester)

Student Health Insurance Plan 

Undergraduate Students $1,357

Graduate and Professional Pharmacy Students $1,725

Required for all students enrolled in 9 or more units and for all international students with an F-1 Visa taking .5 units or more. It is optional for students enrolled in .5 to 8.5 units. The Student Health Insurance can be waived with proof of own health insurance if provided by the deadline and if the coverage meets University requirements.

Wellness Center Fee $165 

This fee is required for all students residing in University housing; and for all other students, both graduate and undergraduate, enrolled in 9 units or more.

Wellness Center Fee $90 

This fee is required for all students enrolled in .5 to 8.5 units.

ASUOP Student Fee $137

This fee is required for all undergraduate students residing in University housing and all undergraduates enrolled in 9 units or more. It is optional for students enrolled in .5 to 8.5 units.

ASUOP Graduate Student Fee $30

This fee is required for all graduate students and doctoral candidates enrolled in 8.5 units or more. It is optional for students enrolled in .5 to 8.0 units.

Activity & Recreation Fee $60

This fee is required for all students enrolled in 9 units or more.

Activity & Recreation Fee $30

This fee is required for all students enrolled in 0.5 to 8.5 units.

Course Audit Fee, per class $50

Instructor permission is required. Auditing is not available in participation courses such as applied music, physical education, art courses of an applied nature, etc. The student must indicate a desire to audit the course at the time of registration.

Engineering/Computer Science Fee $150

This fee is required for all students enrolled in the School of Engineering and Computer Science. Students are exempt from the fee while enrolled full time in the off-campus cooperative education program.

Business School Fee $20

This fee is required for all Business Majors.

Conservatory Fee $250

This fee is required for all Conservatory Majors.

Practice Room Fee $10

This fee is required for all Conservatory Majors.

Applied Music Fees

Private lesson1 fees vary by instrument and are based upon length of lesson. Fees range from $70 to $375. Please check with the Conservatory to determine appropriate charges. Applied music lessons must be arranged through the Conservatory Office.

Special Fees

(Partial List)

Type Cost
Transcript Fee $5
Matriculation Fee $100
Petition Fee $25
Graduate Continuing Education Fee $50
Non-refundable, Credit by Exam Fee $50
Additional fee for successful Credit By Exam results $200

Undergraduate Confirmation Deposit

A deposit of $70 is required for all new students once notification of acceptance to the University has been received. The deposit is applied toward the student’s tuition and is nonrefundable after May 1.

Housing Deposit

A deposit of $200 is required for all new students who apply to reside in campus housing. This should be paid once notification of acceptance to the University has been received. The deposit is applied towards the student’s housing charges and is nonrefundable after May 1.

Financial Responsibility

Registration, when accepted by the University of the Pacific, constitutes a financial agreement between the student and the University. Registration is considered complete when the bill has been settled. Tuition, fees and other charges the student incurs including but not limited to, housing, meal plans, and bookstore charges are added to the student account and are considered a loan for an educational benefit.

Student Financial Responsibility Agreement Acknowledgements – Your agreement to the terms and conditions contained herein are required for your registration at the University of the Pacific.

I acknowledge that when I register for any courses with the University of the Pacific or receive services or purchase goods, I am responsible for all “charges” as they are posted to my account but are not limited to tuition, fees, room and board, meal plans, Laptop Agreement, bookstore charges and library fees.  I further understand and agree that my registration and acceptance of these terms constitutes a promissory note agreement (i.e., a financial obligation in the form of an educational loan as defined by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code at 11 U.S.C. § 523 (a) (8) in which the University of the Pacific is providing me educational services, deferring some or all of my payment obligation for those services, and I promise to pay for all assessed tuition, fees, and other associated costs by the published or assigned due date.

I understand and agree that if I fail to satisfy my financial obligation to the University of the Pacific, I will receive no benefits from the University of the Pacific until my account is brought current.  The benefits which may be terminated include but are not limited to, course registration, grades and diplomas.  Any outstanding charges, due on your student account will be transferred to a Student Note with the Student Loan Department, of the University of the Pacific for servicing.  This Student Note Loan balance is subject to agency collection fees, which may be based on a percentage, with a maximum of 33% of debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees we incur in such collection efforts after internal collections efforts have failed to result in the full payment of my account. Furthermore I agree to reimburse the University of the Pacific for any legal fees or costs associated with any bankruptcy. 

As required by law, you are hereby notified that a negative credit report reflecting on your credit record may be submitted to a credit reporting agency if you fail to fulfill the terms of your financial obligations to the University of the Pacific.  Failure to make payments on time will result in loss of housing, suspension of meal plans, and termination of enrolled student status and will result in being declined future payment plan options with the University of the Pacific.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all financial aid is properly credited to your account. The University of the Pacific has the right to increase their fees and charges as needed.  Registration constitutes my agreement to all the forgoing terms and conditions.

I understand and agree that if I drop enrollment in some or all of the classes or decide to withdraw from the University, I must complete and submit all required online or hard-copy documentation by the applicable deadlines listed at I acknowledge that lack of class attendance does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal, and I will still be responsible for payment of my tuition and fees.

If some, or all, of my financial aid is revoked because I dropped or failed to attend class, I agree to repay all aid that was disbursed to my account and resulted in a credit balance that was refunded to me.

A financial hold will be placed on my account whenever charges are not paid by the due date, and late fees will be assessed. If my account balance becomes delinquent and a hold is placed on my account, it will prevent enrollment in classes.  Additionally, I cannot be issued a diploma until my account balance is paid in full or brought into a current status. At the discretion of the University, I may be administratively dropped from my courses for nonpayment.

As a material part of this agreement, I understand and agree, in order for the University of the Pacific to manage my account or to collect any amounts I may owe, the University of the Pacific may contact me at my current, and any future, home phone number(s), work phone number(s), cellular phone number(s), email(s), address(es), or wireless device(s) regarding my delinquent student account, which may result in additional charges to me. Note that the University will continue to communicate with you at your school email address unless you notify the University that you no longer use the school email address or provide the University with a different email address.  Methods of contact may include, text messages, voice messages and/or use of an automatic dialing device, as applicable.  I understand that email communications or voicemail messages may disclose financial information if you give permission for someone to access your email or voicemail or if you access or disclose the contents of an email or voicemail in the presence of a third party.  I have read this disclosure and despite the possibility of third party disclosures, I agree that the University of the Pacific and its appointed agents may contact me as described above.                  

I will immediately communicate any change of my legal name, SSN/TIN, address, phone number, email and citizenship/visa, or other contact information, to the University of the Pacific and keep my student account information up to date, per the instructions found at or by contacting the Student Loans office at 209-946-2446.  If I have not updated my contact information as required, I am aware that communications may be sent to the wrong address.

If I wish to allow the University of the Pacific to communicate with my parents or a third party about my personal information, I must complete the appropriate FERPA forms, which can be found at The University of the Pacific may disclose personal information to servicing agencies and other agents for the purpose of conducting university business while maintaining data security as required by law.                     

I consent to have any financial credits apply to any miscellaneous campus fees assessed to my billing account. I understand that my payment obligation remains whether or not I view my billing statement, and whether or not my account is being paid by me or someone else.    

I understand that the University of the Pacific uses electronic notification of outstanding debts and due dates as its official billing method, and therefore I am responsible for viewing and paying outstanding debts by their scheduled due date. I further understand that failure to review my account for due dates does not constitute a valid reason for not paying my debts on time. 

I consent to electronic delivery of IRS Form 1098-T, which is necessary to obtain a tax credit, exclusively online at I understand that I can withdraw consent by contacting the appropriate office below to identify the paper process by which to request paper 1098-Ts.

I will receive a written confirmation of my request when completed. After giving consent, I can obtain a paper copy of Form 1098-T by requesting in person at Student Business Services. I understand that I only need to consent once for current and future years.  Not consenting or withdrawing consent to electronic delivery will result in having the 1098-T Form go through the postal service to an address on file, which I must keep up to date. If my e-mail address or mailing address is not current, I may not receive my Form 1098-T. 

If I do not waive student health insurance, I consent to electronic delivery of the IRS Form 1095-B, which is necessary to avoid a health care tax penalty, to my email address on file. I understand that I can withdraw consent by contacting the student health insurance office to identify the paper process by which to request a paper 1095-B. I understand that I only need to consent once for current and future years. Not consenting or withdrawing consent will result in having the 1095-B Form go through the postal service to an address on file which I must keep up to date. If my e-mail address or mailing address is not current, I may not receive my 1095-B form.  

I have read, understand, and consent to the terms of this agreement, as applicable, and that I have an opportunity to ask any questions I may have by contacting Student Accounts Office at 209-946-2517.

In order to receive a bill that includes tuition and fees prior to the payment deadline, you must early register for courses. Please note that students with delinquent accounts are not permitted to register. It is the students’ responsibility to pay by the deadline, regardless of receiving a statement. Students can obtain their current account balance by logging into insidePacific. The University sends monthly electronic billing statements. Students receive a monthly email notifying them that their statement is ready for viewing. This statement notification email is also sent to any Authorized Users that the student establishes. Authorized Users do not have access to any other student information through this site. The billing statement can be printed from the computers located in the lobby of the Finance Center or by a request to the Student Accounts Office.

All electronic correspondence is sent to the student’s email address.

A dispute of any charge on your student account must be submitted in writing to the Student Accounts Office within sixty days from the date of billing. If you fail to comply within the sixty day time period, you may forfeit your rights to dispute the charge in the future.

Payment of Bills

Tuition, fees, and room and board, if applicable, are due in full by the payment deadline. The payment deadlines are August 1st for the fall semester and January 1st for the spring semester for general students. Payment deadline information for other programs is available online on the Student Business Services website located at Any outstanding balances from prior semesters must be paid in full as well as the current semester payment, by the deadline. Students who have not yet registered can estimate their payment amount by utilizing the Calculation Worksheets available at the Student Business Services website. Payments for the intended enrollment must be made by the deadline, even if the student has not completed their course registration. Late fees will be assessed for payments received after the deadline. Failure to complete financial obligations can result in the cancellation of registration.

The University offers two payment options. The first is payment in full of all charges, less any applicable financial aid, by the deadline. The second option is a four month payment plan. The Monthly Plan requires a 25% down payment in addition to a $75 non-refundable, deferred fee per semester. Those who utilize the monthly payment plan must enroll online through insidePacific by the payment deadline. In order for a parent or guardian to enroll in the monthly payment plan, their student must officially establish them as an Authorized User. Subsequent monthly payments are due by the first of the month.

International students may not utilize the monthly payment plan. Payment in full is required by the payment deadline.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all financial aid is properly credited to his/her account.

Payments can be made by cash, paper check, money order, cashiers check, and electronic checks. Payments must be received by the deadline; postmarks are not acceptable. Payments by check or cash can be made in person at the Cashiers Office, located in the Finance Center. If making payment by mail, please send check or money order to the attention of Student Accounts. Please include the student’s university identification number or send a copy of the statement, which can be downloaded and printed, in order to ensure proper payment application.

Students who have not paid in full, completed all financial aid requirements and/or enrolled in the monthly payment plan by the payment deadline, are assessed a $150 late payment fee. A late fee of $50 is assessed for any payments made after the due date.

Failure to make payments as agreed can result in the University of the Pacific canceling all financial arrangements, a student’s registration, and denying all University services.

Any payment on the student account that is returned by a financial institution for any reason can lead to cancellation of registration. If registration is cancelled for the semester, the student will not receive credit for those courses. A returned payment fee of $25 is assessed for the first returned payment. Any payment returned subsequently is assessed a $35 returned payment fee. After two (2) returned payments, the University can suspend both electronic and paper check writing privileges and institute collection and/or legal actions against the payer. The student’s account is then placed on a finance hold thus preventing the student from receiving any services from the University.

The University requires that all accounts be paid in full by the end of the semester. Any account that remains delinquent is transferred to the Student Loan Department for servicing. Once the account is transferred, the Student Account Note or balance is subject but not limited to, principal, interest, late charges, collection fees, credit bureau reporting, and any legal fees associated with the collection of the debt. In accordance with California state law, all unpaid balances accrue 10% interest, per annum, on the balance remaining on the date of transfer. Students are responsible for all fees associated in the collection of the debt. A student with a balance due to the University is not allowed any benefits from the University including but not limited to, registration for courses, copies of transcripts or diplomas, and utilization of University housing and meals, until the balance is paid in full. In addition, all institutional loans or other loans guaranteed by the Federal Government must be in good (current) standing and exit interviews completed prior to the release of diploma or transcripts.

If payments exceed charges on a student account, the account is said to have a credit balance. Credit balances are to be returned to the student based upon the method of payment. The student account is not to be used as a means for cash advances or payments to third parties. Upon request, credit balances resulting from cash payments will be refunded to the student. A credit balance that results from a check payment is refunded after 14 business days. Credit balances that result from refundable student loans and scholarships are also refunded upon request. All financial aid must be disbursed on the student account before a refund is processed. Refunds are issued on a weekly basis.

Effective August 1, 2019, any student using CH31 (Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits) or CH33 (Post-9/11 G.I. Bill) is protected from any penalties imposed by our University while waiting for the VA to make tuition and fee payments.

Refund of Tuition and Fees

The following refund schedule pertains only to tuition charges and is applicable when the student drops below full time enrollment or officially withdraws from the University. Students who intend to withdraw must notify the Office of the Registrar.

Refunds are based upon a percentage of calendar days. Calendar days of a semester may vary from semester to semester. For exact dates, please refer to the Student Accounts website or contact their office.

Notification and withdrawal before classes begin – No charge.

First day of classes until last day to add – $150 clerical charge.

After 50% of calendar days no refund, 100% penalty.

Fees are non-refundable after the last day to add courses for the semester.

Housing and meal plan charges are refunded on a prorated basis as determined by the Office of Residential Life & Housing. Refunds are based upon per diem charges and actual approved check out date.

If the student reducing units or withdrawing from the University is a financial aid recipient, the student’s financial aid award may be adjusted according to federal and state regulations and University policy. If the student has received more federal financial aid dollars than earned, the unearned aid must be returned to the federal financial aid program or programs from which it was paid. The funds remaining on the student account after federal financial aid is returned might not cover all the charges on the account. Any remaining balance is owed to the University and is due and payable immediately. The Financial Aid Office can provide additional information related to changes in financial aid awards.