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This is an archived copy of the 2020-21 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit

Admission Requirements

University of the Pacific seeks applications from students who have shown by past achievement that they have attained a high level of scholarship, initiative and maturity, possess good character, and have a serious interest in learning. Admission is selective and each applicant is considered on the basis of a variety of factors which are evaluated through a very personalized review. The University is interested in a student body characterized by diverse ethnic, religious, economic and geographic backgrounds.

Please refer to the Office of Admission website for the most current policies regarding all subjects in the following section of this catalog. The website address is

Undergraduate Admission

Application Priority Dates

Fall Freshman Applicants

November 15 Application Priority Date

  • All Pre-Pharmacy Applicants/Notification: January 15
  • All Pre-Dental Applicants/Notification: January 15
  • All Powell Scholarship Applicants/Notification : March 15
  • All Early Action Admission Program Applicants /Notification: January 15

January 15 Application Priority Date

  • Regular Admission Program (all majors not listed above)/Notification: March 15

Applications are reviewed once they are complete. Most students are mailed notification in mid-March. The University of the Pacific adheres to the May 1 national candidates reply date. It is on or before this date that the University expects a reply to its offer of admission for the fall semester.

Fall Transfer Applicants

February 15

Priority Admission and Financial Aid Application Date to Receive the Best Possible Financial Aid Package (based on individual circumstances and financial aid eligibility)

June 1

  • Deadline for All Transfer Applicants and outstanding documents

Spring Freshman & Transfer Applicants

August 1

  • Dental Hygiene Transfer Applicants

November 15

  • All applicants (excluding Dental Hygiene applicants)/Notification: Rolling

Applications may be considered after these dates but space may be limited. Because of certain special procedures in the handling of applications for international students, these applications should be completed earlier than U.S. applications. Candidates for the Doctor of Pharmacy program should refer to the PharmD website: for deadline information.

Early Action Admission Option

University of the Pacific offers a non-binding Early Action plan for high school students with exceptionally strong high school records, test scores and recommendations. Applicants who wish to be considered for Early Action must have a completed application on file with the Office of Admission postmarked by November 15. Early Action applicants are notified in mid-January. Those admitted under this plan have the same National Candidates Reply Date of May 1 as all other admitted students.


Prospective students are encouraged to visit the campus, but formal interviews are not usually required for freshman or transfer applicants (except Powell Scholars, Pacific Humanities, Pacific Legal Scholars, and Organizational Behavior). The University reserves the right to ask prospective students to appear for an interview as part of the admissions procedure when such an interview appears appropriate and would assist in determining the applicant’s qualifications for admission.

Campus Visits

Prospective students are invited to visit the campus as guests of the University. It is recommended that prospective students visit the campus when classes are in session, avoiding weekends or University vacation periods. (See Academic Calendar).

For individuals or small groups, student-led tours are available most days, Monday through Friday, morning and afternoon as well as some Saturday mornings. Tours and informational sessions for larger groups are also available, but must be planned at least two weeks in advance with the Office of Admission. During the academic year the Office of Admission is open most days Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on selected Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Summer hours may differ. Saturday visits and tours are by appointment only. Please go to or call the Office of Admission to schedule a visit to campus.

Appointments, Information and Forms

For information on an area of specific interest, for application forms, or for an admissions appointment, use any of the following information to reach the Office of Admission:

Office of Admission
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Telephone: (209) 946-2211
Fax: (209) 946-2413

Admission of Freshman Students

Regular Admission

Freshman applicants are those who are either applying while seniors in high school or those who have not taken any college courses since earning their high school diploma or its equivalent. Verification of graduation from an accredited secondary school is required prior to the beginning of the first term of attendance. Exceptions may be made for those who have passed either the General Education Development (GED) Test or the High School Proficiency Exam.

Special emphasis is placed on the coursework selected, the grades achieved in those courses, and the cumulative grade point average. Supporting recommendation from a school counselor or teacher is also important. In addition, the Admission Committee reviews the results of either the SAT or the ACT.

The essay submitted with the University of the Pacific Application is carefully read, and the committee looks at co-curricular activities. Applicants are selected for admission only after a careful review of the entire application file.

A Completed Freshman Application Includes:

  1. Form and Fee:
    On-line application. The application must be filled out and submitted by the applicant.
  2. Transcripts: An official copy of transcripts for all high school and/or college coursework including courses offered by extension or correspondence, is required. Failure to acknowledge and submit all records is grounds to deny or revoke admission, or for dismissal from the University or revocation of degrees earned. Applicants must also submit transcripts for any college work taken while still in high school. Transfer applicants do not need to have high school transcripts sent, unless requested. Final official transcripts must be submitted prior to the first day of classes, and must show satisfactory work or the University has the right to revoke the offer of admission.
  3. Test Score Policies for Applicants
  4. Freshman applicants must submit scores from the SAT and/or ACT. If the applicant has taken the SAT or ACT multiple times, Pacific accepts the highest combination of sub scores from all SAT attempts and highest combination of all sub scores from all ACT attempts.
  5. Scores received in January from the December SAT or ACT tests are the last scores that are used for admission or scholarship consideration for fall applicants, except Pre-Dentistry and Pre-Pharmacy applicants for whom the November test scores will be accepted. Students for whom later tests are the first and only test taken are exempt from this policy. 


  • Recommendation: One academic recommendation from an academic teacher, counselor or advisor is recommended. Those recommending an applicant may use the online form at or send a written recommendation on official letterhead.
  • Essay: A personal statement as part of the application.

Special Admission Requirements

  • Music Applicants: In addition to academic requirements, who apply for admission to the Conservatory of Music must present evidence of music talent and achievement by performing an audition on the principal performing medium. Those who plan to major in composition must also submit an original composition. Auditions are held at the Conservatory at regular intervals throughout the academic year. Students unable to appear in person may substitute a recorded audition. Audition information is available at or by calling the Conservatory of Music at (209) 946-2418.

Recommended High School Preparation

Although University of the Pacific does not require a fixed pattern of secondary school courses, applicants are expected to complete a solid college preparatory program. Generally speaking, preparatory courses are those in the fields of English, social sciences, foreign languages, laboratory sciences and mathematics.

It is strongly recommended that the following be included in the secondary school program: four years of English; three years of mathematics including algebra I, II and geometry; at least two years of laboratory science in at least two disciplines (biology, chemistry, earth science or physics); at least two years of the same foreign language; three years of social science; one year of fine or performing arts; and additional academic courses – all aimed at improving analytical abilities, promoting artistic development and strengthening written and oral skills.

Students interested in economics or business administration should take advanced mathematics in high school. Students interested in mathematics, science, engineering, dentistry or pharmacy should include biology, chemistry and physics as well as advanced mathematics in their secondary school program. (See chart for recommended course of study.)

Recommended Courses

Course Others Science & Technical All Majors
English 4 years 4 years
Fine Arts/Performing Arts 1 year 1 year
Foreign Language (one) 2 units 2 years
Social Science 2 years 3 years
Mathematics* 4 years 3 years
Laboratory Science** 3 years 2 years
Academic Electives*** 1 year 1 year

Since the senior year in high school is perhaps the most important in preparing for college, a minimum program of four academic courses per semester is particularly recommended for that year.

Students are also encouraged to take honors and advanced placement courses whenever possible. In reviewing applications, the Office of Admission gives favorable consideration, not only to the overall strength of the academic program, but to the fact that honors and advanced placement courses have been taken.

Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and College Credits Earned While In High School

Please see for the latest policies regarding granting of advance credit. College credit (four units per examination) may be granted to students who achieve scores of a four and five on Advanced Placement examinations and/or scores of five through seven on International Baccalaureate exams taken at the higher level. A maximum of 28 units total from Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, DANTES and/or CLEP test results may be applied toward a Pacific degree including General Education and major requirements.

In addition, students who have taken college courses prior to high school graduation receive credit toward University of the Pacific graduation, as long as the credit is transferable, is earned at an accredited college and is awarded college credit on a transcript generated by that college. The purpose is to recognize advanced work of quality already accomplished by certain students, to preclude duplication of courses, and to provide increased opportunity for exceptional students to take elective work in their undergraduate programs. (See also the CLEP information below.)

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

College credit may be granted, within certain limitations, for the General and Subject Examinations offered through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Board when satisfactory scores have been earned. This program may be utilized by entering freshmen who take the tests prior to matriculation for the purpose of earning advanced standing credit, by regularly enrolled students for accelerating their programs or demonstrating competency in certain subjects, or by candidates for transfer who desire advanced credit or present the tests in support of applications for admission. Further details can be obtained from the Office of Admission.

A total of no more than 20 units may be applied toward a degree from any or all of the following: courses taken in accredited correspondence schools, extension correspondence schools, extension courses, and/or courses taken credit by examination. None of these credits, except extension courses taken at the University, is accepted during the term in which the student is completing requirements for graduation in this University.

A total of no more than 28 units may be applied towards a degree from Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), DANTES and/or CLEP tests.

Admission of Undergraduate Transfers

To be considered for admission a transfer applicant must:

  • Be in good academic standing at the college in which he/she/they are currently enrolled
  • Have demonstrated academic ability in his/her/their selected major

A Completed Transfer Application Includes:

  1. Form and Fee:
    On-line application. The application must be filled out and submitted by the applicant.
  2. Official Transcripts from all colleges attended

If transferable credits are less than 30 semester units:

  1. High School Transcripts
  2. SAT-I or ACT scores


  • Recommendation: One academic recommendation from an academic teacher, counselor or advisor is required. Those recommending an applicant may use the online form at or send a written recommendation on official letterhead.
  • Essay: A personal statement as part of the application.

Special Admission Requirements

  • Music Applicants: In addition to academic requirements, who apply for admission to the Conservatory of Music must present evidence of music talent and achievement by performing an audition on the principal performing medium. Those who plan to major in composition must also submit an original composition. Auditions are held at the Conservatory at regular intervals throughout the academic year. Students unable to appear in person may substitute a recorded audition. Audition information is available at or by calling the Conservatory of Music at (209) 946-2418.
  • Dental Hygiene Applicants: Strong candidates who apply for the dental hygiene program are invited to campus for an interview after items one through five (above) have been received. Dental Hygiene applicants have separate application deadlines (September 1 for Spring). After an initial review, strong dental hygiene candidates are invited for interviews that are required for admission into the program.

Transferable Courses and Unit Limitations

The complete Transfer Credit Policy can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.

  • In interpreting transfer credit, University of the Pacific generally accepts those courses which are of the same quality and equivalency as courses offered on this campus.
  • Courses taught at a community college are not acceptable to replace upper division courses at Pacific.
  • The maximum number of units that is accepted from a community college is 70 and no community college credit is accepted after a student has completed 70 units from all institutions attended. Courses are accepted in chronological order.
  • A course with a grade of C- or below does not transfer to Pacific. No units are awarded for that course and it does not fulfill any requirements towards a degree.
  • If a student repeats a course in which a C- or below was earned, the most recent grade is used and a new GPA for the course is calculated for the transfer admission grade point average only. Note: Only course content and credit are accepted in transfer; the associated grades do not become a part of the Pacific record.
  • If a student repeats a course in which a C or higher is earned, the second attempt is calculated in the GPA. No units are awarded for the repeated course.
  • Transfer applicants who attended universities outside of the United States must submit an evaluation of their academic records. Transcripts must be reviewed by one of the articulation review companies listed online at evaluation and have an official copy sent directly to University of the Pacific. Students who attended universities outside of the United States must also submit course descriptions in English of their completed university work. The course descriptions must come from either the school's website or official catalog. Please send the course descriptions to University of the Pacific's Office of Admission.

Special Admission

Certain transfer applicants, such as veterans, or adult re-entry students and others with special circumstances, are given special consideration for admission when it is determined that they have the potential for satisfactory college work.

Admission of International Students

University of the Pacific welcomes applications from international students and provides complete support services for them through International Programs and Services. The University is authorized to issue appropriate immigration documents to international students for immigration purposes and provides immigration services to enrolled students.

In order to comply with regulations of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, University of the Pacific requires international applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States to submit a detailed Certification of Finances showing sufficient financial resources for study at the University. Other special information and instructions regarding the admission of international students is provided upon request.

Special Requirements for Non-Native Speakers of English

Applicants who are not native speakers of English are expected to provide evidence of proficiency in the English language. Such proficiency may be demonstrated through the academic record, or by means of an English Language Proficiency Exam like the IETLS or TOEFL For the most current English Proficiency review criteria please visit The University reserves the right to administer its own English language test to new students and to adjust a student’s academic program on the basis of test results.

Admission of Veterans

University of the Pacific encourages veterans to apply for admission and is approved under Federal and State laws for the training of veterans. Satisfactory completion of a period of military service is taken into consideration in the evaluation for admission.

Accelerated Programs

Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Programs

Pacific offers three options which provide for guaranteed admission into our Professional Pharmacy (PharmD) Program, if all pre-pharmacy advantage requirements, which include courses taken in sequence at Pacific and minimum GPAs, are met and the formal pharmacy interview (which includes a writing sample) is passed. The current university minimum GPA requirement needed as one part of advancing from any of these Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Programs into our Professional Pharmacy Program is 3.00 overall and 2.70 in selected math/science courses.

The implementation of specific admission criteria for the Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program are meant to ensure that students have the appropriate time to successfully prepare for advancement into the Professional Pharmacy Program.

Five-Year (2+3) Pre-Pharmacy/PharmD Option

Freshmen are admitted directly into the Pre-Pharmacy Program in the School of Pharmacy. After two years, they advance into the PharmD Program if they have fulfilled all pre-pharmacy advantage requirements.

Six-Year (3+3) Pre-Pharmacy/PharmD Option

Freshmen are admitted directly into the Pre-Pharmacy Program in the School of Pharmacy. After three years, they advance into the PharmD Program if they have fulfilled all pre-pharmacy advantage requirements.

Seven-Year (4+3) Bachelor’s/PharmD Option

These Pre-Pharmacy applicants are admitted to any major at Pacific and pursue a Bachelor’s degree, while also completing the pre-requisites for the Doctor of Pharmacy Program. If they complete their Bachelor’s degree in four years (but no more than five years) they are eligible to advance into the PharmD Program if they have fulfilled all of the same Pre-Pharmacy advantage requirements. This option ensures that these students are on track from the beginning of their college careers to earn, at least, a Bachelor’s degree.

Please note: There is no formal Pre-Pharmacy Advantage available to a student who attends another institution for a semester or a year or two and then transfers as a science major into Pacific’s Arts and Sciences division. We have excellent undergraduate programs to which transfers are welcome to apply, but once here, these students compete with those who apply from other institutions for space in the PharmD Program.

Accelerated Dental Programs

Pacific offers three accelerated dental programs to first-time freshmen which combine undergraduate preparation with the only three-year DDS program in the country. Students admitted to any of these programs are admitted to Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry if they meet the requirements outlined on the Pre-Dental Advantage website. Students complete their pre-dental courses at Pacific’s main campus in Stockton and their professional courses at Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco.

Any freshman applicant who selects “pre-dental” from the list of majors on his/her/their application for undergraduate admission is automatically considered for all three programs. Please note that students admitted to the 2+3 program are also automatically admitted into the 3+3 and the 4+3 programs, and those students admitted to the 3+3 program are also admitted to the 4+3 program. It is also important to note that the 2+3 and 3+3 programs do not “accelerate” four years worth of undergraduate study into two or three years. Students in these two programs take the same course load as most students on campus, they simply take only those specific courses which meet the requirements to advance to the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry after two or three years.

The following minimum criteria for consideration are valid for students entering in the Fall semester. Pacific reserves the right to change criteria for students entering in subsequent years.

Five-Year (2+3) Pre-Dental/Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Program allows completion of two years (four regular semesters) of specific Pre-Dental and general education courses on Pacific’s Stockton campus. This is then followed by three years (eight semesters in 36 months) at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. Upon successful completion of the five-year program, the student earns a DDS degree.

Six-Year (3+3) Bachelor’s/DDS

Program allows for completion of all Pre-Dental and general education requirements, and the courses for a major in either Biological Sciences or Chemistry in three years (six regular semesters). The credit from the first year of dental school can then be used to earn a bachelor’s degree, and the DDS degree is earned upon completion of the third year of dental school.

Seven-Year (4+3) Bachelor’s/DDS

Program allows students to major in almost any discipline, while they complete all Pre-Dental and general education requirements, prior to entering the DDS program.

Pacific Legal Scholars

Six-Year (3+3) Bachelor’s/Juris Doctorate (JD)

This program permits highly qualified students to enroll at University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law during the fourth year of study at the University and complete a bachelor’s degree at the end of the first year of law school. Students must apply for admission to the Pacific Legal Scholars program and meet program admissions requirements, including an admissions interview. To move on to the McGeorge School of Law, students must complete all general education and major course requirements, complete three seminars and an upper division law course to prepare for law school and participate in a number of off-campus law-related activities. They must also complete the application for admission to University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law and meet all admissions criteria including the median LSAT score and undergraduate GPA for the prior year’s matriculating students.  The Pacific Legal Scholars Program is open to students in any major, but some majors may not be possible to complete in three academic years. A 4+3 version of the program is also available.

Admission of Professional PharmD Students

Students who seek admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program who did not enter Pacific as a freshman through the pre-pharmacy advantage program must have completed a minimum of 64 transferable units prior to matriculation. These units must be in specific courses which meet University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy requirements. Therefore, no application to the Doctor of Pharmacy program is accepted unless the applicant has taken, is taking, or plans to take, all of these pre-pharmacy courses prior to enrollment (see specifics in School of Pharmacy section). Students who have not taken organic chemistry or biology within the last seven years must enroll in refresher courses before entering.

Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program is competitive. Factors considered in the application review include overall grades, math/science grades, difficulty of course loads, academic performance trends, curriculum selection, recommendations, involvement in clubs, organizations and community service, demonstrated leadership positions, pharmacy work experience, communication skills, and a mandatory interview.

All students applying to the Doctor of Pharmacy program must apply through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS): Pacific’s application deadlines, and all instructions for applying for this program, is found at It is critical that candidates submit all required information in a timely manner. Applications are not reviewed until they are complete. Students who complete their files after published deadlines are considered on a space available basis only. A completed application includes: PharmCAS application and fee, supplemental application form and fee, two recommendations (on required forms), Educational Background Chart, resume, and official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. International students must also supply an official letter on bank stationary that verifies funding for at least one full year, a copy of their I-20 form, and a copy of their I-94 form, and furnish an international address. Some documents must be sent to PharmCAS and some to Pacific. Students with international coursework are required to submit an evaluation from Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE). Students whose native language is not English may be requested to submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The minimum acceptable TOEFL score for admission consideration is 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based), or 80 (Internet Based). An IELTS score of 6.5 is acceptable in place of the TOEFL.

All admitted students are required to grant consent for a background investigation and to read and agree to the Technical Standards for Pharmacy Admission and Graduation prior to matriculation. Final approval for admission will not be granted until the background investigation results are reviewed.  Additional information on the Technical Standards for the Doctor of Pharmacy program can be found at:

Please visit for details on application requirements. Direct any questions about the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy to the Coordinator for Pharmacy Admission at (209) 946-2211.

Enrollment Deposit

An enrollment deposit is required of all admitted applicants to hold the applicant's space in the academic program. This enrollment deposit is nonrefundable, unless otherwise noted, and is applied toward the student's first-term tuition upon matriculation to the University. Deposit amounts may vary depending upon the academic program.