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Standing Committees

In keeping with university philosophy and sound shared governance principles, the School of Dentistry incorporates the expertise and perspective of students, faculty, and administrators in the decision-making process through use of the committee system. Committees are designated according to areas of concern and authority as "faculty," "administrative," or "joint faculty-administrative" committees. Standing committees are listed below.  

Faculty Committees

The faculty has primary responsibility for recommending policy in the following areas: curriculum, subject matter and methods of instruction, research, faculty status, and those aspects of student life which are related to the educational process. Final review and decision rest with the dean, president, and Board of Regents.

  • Academic Advisory Committee
  • Admissions Committee, DDS
  • Admissions Committee, IDS
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Dental Faculty Council
  • Faculty Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Student Academic Performance and Promotions Committee
  • Advisors Committee

Joint Faculty-Administration Committees

Joint committees consider areas of major importance to faculty and administration. Administrative officials hold ultimate authority, but faculty members' and students' consultation and advice are of great importance.

  • Education and Information Technology Advisory Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Clinical Quality Assurance Committee
  • Student Appeals Committee

Administrative Committees

The administration has primary responsibility for maintenance of existing institutional resources and the creation of new resources. The dean plans, organizes, directs, and represents the School of Dentistry with general support from the faculty, the president, and the Board of Regents. The dean initiates, innovates, and assures that School of Dentistry standards and procedures conform to policy established by the Board of Regents and to standards of sound academic practice. Administrative committees are those in which administrative responsibility is primary and members appointed by the dean serve in an advisory capacity.

  • A. W. Ward Museum Committee
  • Infection Control Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Managers and Directors Committee
  • Outcomes Review Committee
  • Committee on Continuing Dental Education
  • Store Committee
  • Student Clinic Advisory Committee
  • Student Financial Aid Committee