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Professional and Fraternal Organizations

Social, fraternal, and professional organization memberships are open to all students in the doctoral program. Opportunities to establish associations that will endure throughout graduates' lifetimes are described in the groups. Navigate using the tabs above.  

Associated Student Body

The Associated Student Body of the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry is composed of all students enrolled in the doctoral program. Business affairs of the organization are conducted by the Student Executive Council which consists of the elected student body officers, the president and vice president of each class, and elected representatives to selected agencies of organized dentistry. Any student may meet with the Student Executive Council, but only duly elected officers may vote on issues under consideration. Students are represented on the following school committees: Curriculum; Library; Faculty Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure; Student Appeals; Ethics; Museum; Postgraduate Studies; Safety; Store; Student Clinic Advisory; Infection Control; Clinical Quality Assurance; Educational and Information Technology Advisory; and Academic Advisory.

Student Research Group

The Student Research Group (SRG) works to enhance the research culture at the Dental School by supporting collaboration between students and faculty members in current research projects. The goal of SRG is to promote the advancement of dental research and evidence-based practice.

The SRG is a chapter of the National Student Research Group (NSRG)/American Association for Dental Research (AADR) and the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). Group members are encouraged to participate in various school events, attend the NSRG meeting and the annual AADR/IADR meeting. A member of the student group also represents Pacific each year at the ADA-sponsored Annual Dental Student Conference on Research in the Washington DC area.

SCOPE (Student Community Outreach for Public Education)

The Student Community Outreach for Public Education program (SCOPE) is a student-directed, peer-mentoring organization at the School of Dentistry with programs focused on professional development and the promotion of community oral health. Created in 1994 by students and a faculty mentor, SCOPE’s mission is to engage and involve students and faculty in volunteer oral health projects directed toward community needs. Today, SCOPE exemplifies several of the school's six strategic directives, including to utilize best practices and public health science, and to develop professionals committed to and engaged in improving the health of all people. SCOPE programs are a major component of Pacific's Community-Campus Partnership Programs (CCPP), which collaborates with community agencies in the development of Pacific’s oral health programs.

Inter-professional projects, leadership development, and evidence-based best practices are the foundation of CCPP and SCOPE programs. Student officers take an active role in sponsoring, selecting and/or participating in health projects such as screenings, presentations and educational sessions for children, families and senior citizens in the Bay Area. SCOPE sponsors inter-professional projects with students from pharmacy, nursing and physician assistant schools.  SCOPE also helps foster a sense of community health awareness and civic pride in Pacific dental students, a characteristic that will follow them through graduation into private practice. Throughout the year, students, faculty, and staff volunteer their time and talent at senior centers, pre-schools, elementary and non-profit agencies and numerous health fairs.

National Dental Fraternities

Two chapters of national dental fraternities are active at the School of Dentistry: Alpha Omega and Delta Sigma Delta.

School of Dentistry Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, has three membership categories:

  1. Alumni members — all graduates of the dental school;
  2. Associate members — dentists who graduated from other schools and who join the Association; and
  3. Honorary members — non-dentists who are valued members of our community.

The Alumni Association is highly effective in its efforts to improve dental education, and expand the horizons of the profession of dentistry. Its mission is to foster lifelong relationships among its members and with the School. The institution, its excellent reputation, and its unequalled physical facilities are the direct result of the loyalty and active support of its alumni and the Alumni Association. The Association's interest in the total University program is further demonstrated by dental school representation on the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association.

Through a student-alumni committee, the Association sponsors social and educational events throughout the year and assists student participation in organized intra- and extramural events such as the city softball league, Bay to Breakers race, and various golf, basketball, and softball tournaments.


William A. van Dyk '73

Kimberly A. Fanelli '06 DH

Daniel M. Castagna '81
Vice President

Mary M. Turoff '77

Bruce G. Toy '81

Arthur A. Dugoni '48
Dean Emeritus

Artemiz Adkins '04
Immediate Past President

David Eastis
Executive Director

Board Members

Alan W. Budenz, Associate
Jeffrey J. Bueno '90
Richard F. Creaghe '86
David Ehsan '95
Richard J. Garcia, Associate
Kelsie Hensley '11 DH
Parag R. Kachalia '01
Peter C. Liu '89
Leon C. Nelson '60
Cheri Howell Reynolds, Associate
Bertrand D. Rouleau '82 Ortho
Jamie J. Sahouria '04
Daniel S. Tanita '73
Kevin R. Tanner '82
Bing Elliot Xia '00 IDS
Magnus K. Yang '09/'10 AEGD

Student Representatives

Abdul Ghani Fahd Mohammed '16 IDS
Neri Lubomirsky '17
Navid Toabian '16


Deborah Horlak
Associate Professor and Director,
Dental Hygiene Program

Jeff Rhode
Associate Dean for Development

PDF Representative

Edmond Bedrossian '86
PDF President


Ms. Esther Hill
Assistant Director

Mr. Marceyl Jones
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Andrea Woodson

Pacific Dugoni Foundation

The Pacific Dugoni Foundation (PDF) is a group of volunteers working closely with the Dean and the development team to promote philanthropy at the School of Dentistry. The mission of the Foundation is to ensure that the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry has the resources it needs to realize its visions and goals.

The Foundation shares the school's commitment to excellence and measures success by the joy it brings to donors, by the funds it raises, by the fundraising programs it initiates, and by the continuing recruitment and retention of new, effective board members.

Pacific Dugoni Foundation Board

Executive Committee

Dr. Edmond Bedrossian ’86, President

Dr. Michael Fox ’82

Mr. Gary Mitchell

Dr. W. Ronald Redmond ’66

Mr. Jeff Rhode

Dr. Daniel Tanita ’73

Dr. M. Gabrielle Thodas ’77, ’95

Dr. Gary Weiner, ’66


Dr. Brian Adams ’02

Dr. Artemiz Adkins ’04

Dr. Braden Beck ’71, ’85

Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr. ’85

Dr. Susan Bittner ’74A

Dr. Joseph Bronzini ’66

Dr. Michael Campbell ’79

Dr. Elisa LoBue-Campbell ’84

Dr. Arthur Dugoni ’48, Dean Emeritus

Dr. Joseph Errante ’80

Dr. Nava Fathi, ’95

Dr. Stephen Hannon

Dr. A. Thomas Indresano

Dr. Yan Kalika

Dr. John Young Jin Kim ’04

Dr. Catherine Lambetecchio ’87

Dr. Michael Lasky ’95

Dr. Jill Lasky ’98

Dr. Gary Low ’76

Dr. Scott Milliken ’87

Dr. Aneet Randhawa

Dr. Gurjit Randhawa

Dr. Kenneth Shimizu ’85, ’87

Mr. Steven Tiret

Dr. Gregory Vaughn ’99

Dr. Paola L. Leone

Dr. Colin Wong ’65

Dr. Rick Workman

Dr. Douglas Yarris ’83

Ex Officio

Dr. William van Dyk ’73 – Alumni Association President

American Student Dental Association (ASDA)

All University of the Pacific dental students are members of ASDA and, concurrently, student members of the American Dental Association with all the rights and privileges of such membership. Benefits are detailed in publications distributed by these organizations.

California Dental Association (CDA)

University of the Pacific dental students were the first in California to avail themselves of the student membership category offered by the California Dental Association. Modest annual dues provide each student member with CDA publications, access to CDA meetings without charge, and other benefits.

American Dental Education Association (ADEA)

All enrolled predoctoral students are members of ADEA. 

The Council of Students is one of several councils of ADEA. The school's elected representatives to the council participate in the ADEA annual session and regional meetings. The Council of Students has an administrative board consisting of a vice president who serves on the ADEA executive committee, and a chair, vice chair, secretary, and member-at-large. The council elects several student delegates who have full voting privileges in the ADEA House of Delegates.