Business Certificate of Concentration

Business Certificate of Concentration

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic once said, “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” That is what the Business Concentration strives to provide for interested students. The demands and complexities of a global economy require a strong basis in business law.  To fulfill the Business Concentration, students complete a series of courses designed to equip new lawyers with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a legal career with a business emphasis.  This concentration is for students interested in pursuing a general business practice or a specialized business practice such as bankruptcy, cor­porate, commercial, employment, international, or real estate law.

How to Apply

Apply by submitting the online application, which requires that you attach your resume.  This application should be submitted at the earliest stages of your planning but, in no event, after the add/drop deadline of your final law-school term. 

Requirements & Curriculum

Students must complete Business Associations and the required number of core and elective courses designated below.  With the approval of the Director of the Business Law Concentration, a tax or business course of at least two units, whether domestic or international, not included on the list of elective courses may be substituted.  If a student completes more than one core course, the additional core course(s) will automatically be applied toward the satisfaction of the requirement for elective courses.  Twelve to sixteen units are required for the completion of the Business Law Concentration.

12 to 16 units required for completion of Concentration
LAW 151Business Associations4
CORE COURSES (complete one) *If a student completes more than one Core Course, the additional course(s) will automatically be applied toward the satisfaction of the requirement for Elective Courses.
LAW 210Business Planning2-3
LAW 220Banking Law3
LAW 225Bankruptcy2-3
LAW 255Federal Securities Regulations3
LAW 260Commercial Law3
LAW 300Federal Income Taxation3
LAW 310Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships3
LAW 433Employment Law3
LAW 500Administrative Law3
LAW 555Labor Law3
LAW 625International Business Transactions3
ELECTIVE COURSES (complete three)
LAW 214Small Business Seminar2
LAW 240Insurance Law2-3
LAW 257Making Deals2
LAW 280U.S. Antitrust and International Competition Law2
LAW 297Sports Law2-3
LAW 302Estate and Gift Tax/Estate Planning3
LAW 325Taxation of Real Estate Transactions3
LAW 375U.S. Taxation of International Transactions3
LAW 405Worker's Compensation Law2
LAW 410White Collar Crime2
LAW 503Legislation and Statutory Interpretation3
LAW 507Environmental Law3
LAW 560Land Use Planning2
LAW 586Federal Indian Law2-3
LAW 630International Banking2
LAW 635Transnational Litigation3
LAW 647International Economic Law2
LAW 650European Union Law1-3
LAW 675U.S. & International Sale of Goods2
LAW 689International Commercial and Investment Arbitration3
LAW 699FCybersecurity Law & Policy1-2
Choose only one of the following Intellectual Property Courses (2-3 units):
Copyright Law
Patent Law
Survey of Intellectual Property Law
Trademark Law
International Intellectual Property
One Externship or Legal Clinic with a tax or business law focus (advance approval required)2-3


Professor Christine Manolakas, Director of the Business Certificate of Concentration: | 916.739.7110