Capital Lawyering Certificate of Concentration

Capital Lawyering Certificate of Concentration 

Capital Lawyering Concentration students complete a series of required and elective courses specially designed to prepare them to work in the Capital arena. Graduates are employed in the California legislature, Governor’s Office, in local, state and federal agencies, in private firms that specialize in political law or lobbying, in nonprofit agencies that engage in issue advocacy, and in law firms with regulatory practices in areas such as communications, energy, the environment, health, and employment.  The curriculum ensures that students graduate with real-life experience and on-the-job contacts within the government, policy, and capital lawyering community.  Students also participate in Capital Center student groups, attend Capital Center events, and network with Capital Center alumni.

How to Apply

Interested students should complete the online application, which includes your resume and a brief Personal Statement (minimum 200 words). Please submit your application as early as possible in your McGeorge career to best plan your course of study. In no case may applications be submitted or accepted after the Add/Drop Deadline of your final law school term. Students must schedule an appointment with the Capital Lawyering Concentration Director to plan their required curriculum and activities.

Requirements & Curriculum

Capital Lawyering students must complete a minimum of 14 units approved by the Capital Lawyering Concentration Director, comprised of required courses, an experiential learning course, and approved electives. 

14 units minimum required for completion of Concentration
CORE COURSES (complete all)
LAW 517Statutes and Regulations3
LAW 576Cap. Lawyering and Pol. Making2
Experiential Course (complete one)
LAW 853Legislative & Public Policy Clinic (Students are strongly encouraged to take Lawmaking in California prior to enrolling in the Legislative & Public Policy Clinic.- 1st Semester)6
Relevant Externship (approved by director)
Externship-Semester in Practice Accelerated Honors Program
Externship - Semester in Practice
Note: Evening students with jobs that meet the requirements of the externship may receive a waiver of this requirement.
LAW 187Law and Ethics in Government2-3
LAW 209Local Agency Practice2
LAW 230Water Resources Law2-3
LAW 235Environmental Practice3
LAW 240Insurance Law2-3
LAW 304Mental Health - Policy and Law2
LAW 500Administrative Law3
LAW 503Legislation and Statutory Interpretation3
LAW 507Environmental Law3
LAW 550Immigration Law and Policy3
LAW 555Labor Law3
LAW 560Land Use Planning2
LAW 567Election Law2
LAW 568California Initiative Seminar2
LAW 580Public Education Law2-3
LAW 699FCybersecurity Law & Policy1-2
LAW 699GInformation Privacy Law2
LAW 699HRace, Mass Incarceration & Criminal Justice Reform3
LAW 699ILeadership in Organizations2
LAW 699JGaming Law and Regulation1
LAW 699SReproductive Rights and Justice1
LAW 701Poverty Law3
LAW 745Elder Law and Social Policy3
LAW 780Sexual Orientation and Gender ID2
LAW 802Negotiation and Settlements Seminar2 or 3
LAW 822Lawmaking in California (Strongly recommended for students planning to take the Legislative and Public Policy Clinic.)2
LAW 853Legislative & Public Policy Clinic (2nd Semester)3
LAW 922Pacific Legislative Law Review1
Additional Clinic or Externship with a Capital Lawyering Focus3


Professor Erin O'Neal, Director, Capital Center for Law & Policy and Capital Lawyering Concentration: | 916.325.4635