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Adult Student Services

University College provides student services specifically for adult learners who wish to complete an undergraduate degree or who are seeking professional development through continuing education. For those seeking degrees, advisors assist prospective students to determine if they qualify for admission to the University, to identify appropriate academic programs to meet their needs, to acquire financial aid information, to provide guidance as they plan their academic career and to secure access to any additional student services. . Student Services staff members are prepared to assist students with the transition to the University. For those seeking professional development, advisors help students find the right the most appropriate pathway for their desired goal/s.

Degree seeking students have several opportunities to earn elective unit credit prior to enrolling at Pacific. Students may take CLEP examinations (College Level Examination Program). Broad area tests and specific field tests are available. Students who earn passing scores on the exams may earn four units of undergraduate, lower division credit, for each test for a maximum of 20 units. Other forms of experiential credit include units earned through challenging courses and through cooperative education and internships.

“Sprinkle a few adult students into your courses – and guess what? Other students begin to connect class discussion to the world outside the University. Why? Because adult students have experience, their comments make the world of ideas real to others. And because the sacrifices necessary in returning to school engender a seriousness about study evident to others, they often make the best possible models regarding what college life is all about.”

Professor Emeritus Roy Childs

Students in degree programs can take advantage of all the benefits of being part of the Pacific community including Conservatory concerts, notable speakers, athletic events, recreational opportunities, and other activities for learning and entertainment.

An important dimension of Pacific is the supportive nature of its student body. Pacific’s Iota Gamma chapter of the national honor society, Alpha Sigma Lambda, recognizes the academic achievement of adult learners. There is a "commuter lounge" designated on campus as an additional resource for non-residential students. In addition, Osher Re-Entry Scholarships are available to a number of qualified students each year.