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Pacific Humanities Program

The Pacific Humanities Scholars program offers an accelerated, 3-year degree and a unique cohort experience for exceptional students majoring in the humanities disciplines. To be eligible for an interview, an incoming freshman should have a minimum 3.5 GPA, 1200 SAT (math and verbal), a strong personal statement, 12 Advanced Placement Units, and a declared major or minor in one of the following subjects: Art, English, Graphic Design, Media X, Modern Languages, Philosophy, or Religious Studies. Students admitted to this 3-year B.A. program must complete all the University breadth and unit requirements, as well as the Pacific Seminars. In addition, they take one 1-unit cohort seminar in the first year, as well as one in their second year. Pacific Humanities Scholars enroll in Honors sections of relevant GE courses and must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA to remain in the program.

Pacific Humanities Program

Students must complete two 1-unit cohort seminars in the first year, as well as two 2-unit capstone courses in the third year with a Pacific cumulative and major/program grade point average of 3.5 in order to complete the pacific humanities program.

PHUM 010Expressing the Humanities1
PHUM 100Collective Expression, Expressing the Collective1
PHUM 110How the Humanities Help Our Communities2
PHUM Capstone2
PHUM Capstone2



Pacific Humanities Courses

PHUM 010. Expressing the Humanities. 1 Unit.

This first of two one-unit seminars designed for Pacific Humanities Scholars, this course addresses the challenges facing the traditional humanities disciplines. Students are tasked with articulating a variety of responses, using multiple expressive media, to the question: "what does it mean to be human in the information age?" Prerequisite: Admission to the Pacific Humanities Scholars Program.

PHUM 100. Collective Expression, Expressing the Collective. 1 Unit.

The second of two one-unit seminars designed for Pacific Humanities Scholars, this course challenges students to explore the interface between the humanities and technology, as well as to the think globally about how the humanities function as a means of collective expression in the information age. Prerequisite: Admission to the Pacific Humanities Scholars Program.

PHUM 110. How the Humanities Help Our Communities. 2 Units.

The two-unit senior capstone is a community-based learning course for Pacific Humanities Scholars. This experiential and collaborative project takes students on a "listening tour" of a particular Stockton community and challenges them to articulate that community's "story." Students work with their constituents toward creating a shared platform for learning and demonstrate the value of the Humanities in that process. Prerequisite: Admission to Pacific Humanities Scholars Program.

PHUM 191. Undergrad Independent Study. 1-4 Units.

PHUM 197. Independent Research. 1-4 Units.

Learning Outcomes

1. Acquire knowledge of the Humanities disciplines and their collective capacity for cultivating empathy, ethics, and civic responsibility in global society.
2. Develop skills for creative problem-solving across a wide range of social, cultural, and political contexts.
3. Define and illustrate the relationship between information technology and humanistic inquiry.
4. Manage interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork.
5. Exhibit mastery of independent research and writing.
6. Analyze, synthesize, and apply humanistic understanding to real-world settings, including the workplace and the community, toward the production of transformative action.