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HONRĀ 041. Creativity and Knowledge. 1 Unit.

This is the first seminar in a four-seminar series designed to help students build intellectual and practical bridges between their majors, the rest of their studies, and their lives more broadly. This seminar gives a brief overview of the university, looking at how knowledge is created, organized, preserved, and transmitted. It asks students to look at how disciplines are structured through subject matter, mode of inquiry, and the intellectual and social forms that determine what can and can't be studied. It asks how people learn the basics of a discipline, how they become masters of a discipline, and how they find the creativity to extend the range of knowledge in a discipline. In response to a series of short readings, students will reflect on the strengrhs and weaknesses of many different academic disciplines. In time, students will interrogate their own academic strengths and weaknesses in order to help to plan their course work in the next few semesters as well as to encourage habits of curiosity and inquiry that will serve them throughout their lives. Prerequisites: Admission to Honors Program, Sophomore Standing. (GE2B, HONR)

General Education Program

...or transfer course articulation changes. * HONR 041 , HONR 043 and HONR 141 must all be...