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GESCĀ 051. Dynamic Planet. 4 Units.

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of geology and geological reasoning. Concepts covered include: the nature and origin of earth materials, the processes and forces which create and shape the surface of the earth and affect its internal structure within the context of deep time, as well as a study of earth resources and human interactions with the environment. The course includes laboratory and field work. Credit for this course is not given if a student has credit for GEOS 061, GESC 061, GEOS 065 or GESC 065. (ENST, GE3A)

Environmental Studies

...GESC 102 , GESC 103 , GESC 106 , and GESC...No prerequisite of POLS 051 required for INTL...

Biological Sciences

...CHEM 197 . GESC 191 and GESC 197 do...033 and MATH 051 . MATH 051 is a...