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Visual Arts

Our mission is to provide aspiring artists and graphic designers with intensive, integrative, relevant, and rewarding educational programs of excellent quality in a personal, supportive, and collaborative environment. We seek to graduate creative individuals who think critically and historically, communicate effectively, and act responsibly in our global society. We are also committed to providing studio and art history courses to non-art majors as part of Pacific's General Education Program and to contributing to the aesthetic quality of the campus.

ARTH 007. Survey of World Art to 1400. 4 Units.

This foundational level art history course surveys the major periods of world art from the Stone Age to the onset of the Renaissance in the West during the 14th-century. This is a lecture-based course that uses visual images to examine the characteristics and styles of each period. Works of art are placed in their aesthetic, social, and cultural contexts. The course provides an introduction to the discipline of art history. (GE2C)

ARTS 007. Principles of 2-D Design and Color. 3 Units.

This foundational level hands-on course introduces the theoretical application of the elements and principles of 2-D design and the practical applications of color theory. Exercises in visual thinking and the use of traditional principles of composition and two-dimensional media are emphasized through sequential, skill building projects. (GE2C)