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Joint Degree Programs

McGeorge has two joint degree programs, in which – with advance approval – graduate credit earned in one program is accepted toward the degree from the other program. The two programs include J.D./M.B.A and J.D./M.P.P.


We offer the joint J.D./M.B.A. program with the University of the Pacific, Eberhardt School of Business. McGeorge will accept up to 12 units of graduate credit earned at University of the Pacific, Eberhardt School of Business; University of the Pacific accepts up to 12 units of McGeorge School of Law credit toward the MBA.


J.D./M.P.P. students may pursue both a JD and a Master of Public Policy Degree (M.P.P.) in the full-time day division. This option reduces by a year the total time taken to complete both degrees separately. Students apply to each program separately and in the first year, only Law courses are taken. Speak with counselors of both programs to learn more.


Students must be admitted separately to the McGeorge School of Law JD Program and to the school that will confer the Master’s degree. Admittance to McGeorge’s J.D. Program does not guarantee admission into other degree programs, even those housed within the McGeorge School of Law.


Students who want to pursue a joint degree should consult with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs regarding their planned course of study. You can schedule an appointment by contacting the Office of Student Affairs at or 916.739.7089.

Transfer of Credit

To be accepted by McGeorge as elective credit toward the JD unit requirements, the credit (1) must be for graduate-level courses, and (2) must have been earned concurrently between initial matriculation and graduation from McGeorge.

Reservation of Right to Modify

The contents of this publication are for informational purposes only and are subject to change.

JD Required Courses (LAW unless specified)
LAW 100Skills Lab- Torts1
LAW 104Legal Profession1
LAW 105Civil Procedure4
LAW 110Contracts4
LAW 115Criminal Law2-4
LAW 122Global Lawyering Skills I2
LAW 125Property4
LAW 131Torts4
LAW 163Constitutional Law4
LAW 174Evidence4
LAW 182Global Lawyering Skills II2
LAW 185Professional Responsibility2
LAW 517Statutes and Regulations3
Courses required to complete "Experiential Curriculum" (see JD catalog)11
Required Units (core)54
Other Directed Study Program courses, electives, concentration courses25
Course credit accepted for PUB courses9
Total Units88
MPP Required Courses (PUB unless specified)
LAW 212Intro. to Legal Analysis2
LAW 517Statutes and Regulations (Only required course shared)3
LAW 518Public Authority in Use2
PUB 211Conflicted, Complex, Uncertain3
PUB 213Enhancing Societal Capacity3
PUB 214Budgets, Financial Management3
PUB 215A Complex Public Policy Case2
PUB 221Economic Concepts and Tools3
PUB 222Finance for Public Policies3
PUB 233Public Manager Analytics3
PUB 234Advanced Policy Analytics3
PUB 241Leaders, Organization Behavior3
PUB 242Systemic Change3
PUB 291Externship3
Required units (core)39
Electives toward area of concentration9
Total Units48